Professional Waxing

We’re proud to introduce you and your clients to our luxurious new range of professional waxing products, which combine comfort and luxury with unrivalled results.

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  • Peppermint-Creme-Hot-Wax

    Peppermint Créme Hot Wax (800g)

    £13.97 +VAT
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  • Honey-Gold-Warm-Wax

    Honey Gold Warm Wax 450g

    £7.95 +VAT
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  • Skin Guard

    Skin Guard 2 in 1

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  • try-it-kit

    Intro ‘Try It’ Wax Collection

    £69.97 +VAT
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  • Business-Flyer

    Wax Bare all Business Flyers x 100

    £8.95 +VAT
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  • Wax-Poster

    A2 Wax Poster

    £4.50 +VAT
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  • Q&A1

    Sienna X Wax Q&A Leaflets x 25

    £3.95 +VAT
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  • Inner-Bucket-Large

    Wax Heater Inner Bucket (1000cc)

    £9.95 +VAT
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  • Inner-Bucket-Small

    Wax Heater Inner Bucket (500cc)

    £7.95 +VAT
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  • Consultation-Cards

    Wax Consultation Cards x 50

    £4.95 +VAT
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  • Clover-Stool

    Clover Stool White

    £135.00 +VAT
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  • Excel-standard-Salon-Couch

    Excel Standard Electric Couch

    £615.00 +VAT
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