Professional Wax

The Luxurious Wax Range by Sienna X has everything you need to offer premium waxing treatments to your clients. The range is designed to let you wax quickly, efficiently and economically, whilst giving customers the most comfortable wax of their life. Less painful than other waxes, Sienna X wax will encourage your clients to come back time and time again.

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  • Barbicide Solution (473ml)

  • Acrylic Wax Display Stand

  • Beauty Couch Cover (White Cotton)

  • Beauty Couch Cover (PVC)


    Out of stock

  • Disposable Paper Couch Roll (20 Inch)

  • Beauty Scissors

  • Lint Free Cotton Pads (X500)

  • Metal Wax Spatula

  • Tweezers

  • Fabric Waxing Strips

  • Disposable Paper Waxing Strips (X100 Pieces)

  • Disposable Mini Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas (X200 Pieces)

  • Disposable Slim Waxing Spatulas (X50 Pieces)

  • Disposable Regular Waxing Spatulas (X100 Pieces)

  • 3. Post Cooling Crème (500ML)

  • 2. Pre & Post Soothing Oil (500ML)

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