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Wax Treatment Essentials

Everything you need to offer a luxury wax treatment, from spatulas to towels.

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    • wax equipment cleaner

      Sienna X Wax Equipment Cleaner

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    • Wax Consultation Cards x 50

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    • large beauty couch roll

      Large Beauty Couch Roll (20inch)

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    • beauty scissors

      Beauty Scissors

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    • cotton pads

      Lint Free Cotton Pads

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    • metal wax spatula

      Metal Wax Spatula

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    • tweezers


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    • fabric waxing strips

      Fabric Waxing Strips

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    • paper waxing strips

      Paper Waxing Strips

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    • mini eyebrow wax spatulas

      Mini Eyebrow Spatulas

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    • slim wax spatulas

      Slim Wax Spatulas

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    • regular wax spatula

      Regular Wax Spatulas

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