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    • mini wax eyebrow pot

      Mini Eyebrow Wax Pot 120g

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    • Brow Photo Frames

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    • eyebrow brush tint applicator

      Eyebrow Brush / Tint Applicator

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    • mini wax eyebrow heater

      Mini Wax Pot Eyebrow Heater

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    • cotton pads

      Lint Free Cotton Pads

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    • paper waxing strips

      Paper Waxing Strips

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    • wax cooling creme

      Cooling Créme (500ml)

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    • wax cleansing gel

      Cleansing Gel (500ml)

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    • birchwood waxing sticks

      Birchwood Waxing Sticks

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    • Brow Consultation Cards x 50

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    • Brow Treatment Care Instructions

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    • collagen eye patches

      Collagen eye patches

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