Brow Ruler Stickers (X50)

£9.99 + VAT

As the ultimate tool to creating Instagram worthy brows, the Sienna X Brow Ruler is your must-have to accurately shape your clients' brows to their natural features and preferences.


Create flawless brows every time with the Sienna X Brow Rulers, complete with ABC points for super easy eyebrow mapping and shaping for a professional look and finish.

To use the handy ruler, simply pull away the sticker backing and apply to your clients' forehead, just above their eyebrows. From here, mark their ABC points with a faint eyebrow pencil and peel away for precise brow points, ready for shaping.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip
  • Helps to easily assess the eyebrows up and down position, length and size.
  • Perfect for ensuring equal length, shape and placement of the brows.

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