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Why is my spray gun not working properly?

2 Min Read Thursday 25th July 2019

Has your reliable spray gun turned against you? Is it spattering, totally blocked or spraying out too much solution? Get it working properly again with these troubleshooting tips:

Check the basics first!¬†Is your machine on? Is there sufficient solution in the reservoir and is the pick up tube in the tan container properly attached to the spray gun? If the trigger can’t be pulled back to release solution you may need to loosen the density dial. Finally, check your air hose. If it’s faulty, broken or damaged you may need to replace it.

Clean it again!¬†A clogged nozzle and¬†product that’s dried on the tip of the needle prevents solution from spraying out evenly. Do a quick additional clean to guarantee that all blockages are cleared. Here’s more on¬†cleaning your spray gun and equipment maintenance.

Move nearer to your client.¬†Close up the density dial and stand nearer to your client to encourage an even mist of solution. This will prevent¬†spattering and guarantee full coverage without patches. Reducing the distance between you and your client will also cut down on overspray, especially if you place an extractor fan between your gun and the cubicle. Here’s more on how to reduce overspray.

Tighten the density dial. If too much solution is coming out of your gun, tighten the density dial a notch to reduce the flow and speed. Keep the spray gun moving to produce an even finish.

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