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Prepping your beauty business for party season

2 Min Read Thursday 2nd November 2023

A jam-packed schedule, last-minute book-ins and late night openings, are you ready to take on the non-stop challenge of party season? Here are top tips to embrace the festivity.

Deck the Salon Halls:

Create a seasonal soundtrack that immediately puts clients in the holiday mood, light fragranced candles that give off the warming scent of Christmas and keep complimentary festive snacks, A glass of free bubbly is perfect for evening treatments and can transform a quick treatment into a pampering treat.

Embrace the season with Exciting Giveaways :

Capture the Christmas spirit by creating your own version of a Santa sack, brimming with an assortment of small treats, including treatment vouchers and sample products. Consider adding individually wrapped chocolates or skincare and fake tan sachets as a delightful yet cost-effective presents, enhancing the overall salon experience for your clients. Not only does it create excitement but creates returning clients in the New Year to redeem their gifts, this helps overcome the lull during quieter periods.

Spice up your treatment menu:

Give your treatment names a festive twist. A fun way to get into the festive spirit is to give your treatment menu a makeover. Add a bit of fun offer “Holiday luminous glows” “Winter tan wonderland” “Winter glow revival” Use naming methods that enhance the treatment on offer and give it a festive feel.

Host Exclusive Tanning Events:

Organise tailored tanning parties with special group discounts based on the party size. Elevate the occasion with complimentary gift bags. This is particularly beneficial for on-the-go mobile therapists unable to deck out salons, emphasising the joy of friends coming together for glamorous transformations, ideal for evenings. A great way to expand your client base during the holiday season.

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