Sienna X's Best Spray Tan Kits for Beginners and Salon Owners

7 Min Read Tuesday 14th November 2023

If you’re thinking about starting a spray tan business or looking to add to your existing salon’s services, Sienna X has got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore Sienna X’s best spray tan kits for beginners right the way through to salon owners. Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your spray tan services to the next level, Sienna X has the perfect spray tanning kit for you.

For Spray Tan Beginners

Sienna X “The Basics” Spray Tanning Kit

Basics Spray Tan Kit

Sienna X’s “The Basics” Spray Tanning Kit is designed for simplicity. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to keep things straightforward and cost-effective. This kit is perfect for individuals who may not have prior spray tanning experience but want to offer this service on a small scale, such as for personal use or occasional tanning for friends and family.

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Sienna X Bronze Starter Spray Tan Kit

Bronze Starter Spray Tan Kit

The Sienna X Bronze Starter Spray Tan Kit is perfect for those who are completely new to spray tanning. If you’re an aspiring salon owner dipping your toes into the beauty industry or a beginner looking to offer spray tanning services as a side hustle, this kit is the perfect starting point. It provides all the essential equipment and solutions needed to get your foot in the door and also includes level 1 spray tan training. This kit comes with x2 1 litre solution bottles, giving you enough product to tan up to 40 clients. With an earning potential of £800+ (depending on treatment price).

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For Spray Tan Professionals

Sienna X Silver Spray Tan Business Kit

Silver Spray tan Business Kit

The professional therapist’s best Sienna X spray tan kit. The main attraction of this kit is that it includes Level 1 & 2 training, helping you to hit the ground running in your spray tanning career. As you gain confidence and want to expand your spray tanning services, the Sienna X Silver Spray Tan Business Kit is your next step.

With 3.5 litres of spray tanning solution included, this kit allows you to tan up to 70 clients, earning from £1,200 in revenue (varies on cost per treatment charged). The addition of prep products gives you the ability to offer luxurious and professional tanning treatments to your clients. This fuller package takes the hassle of deciding what you need and helps you to save money.

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For Salons & Spray Tan Experts

Sienna X Gold Spray Tan Salon Kit

Gold Spray Tan Business Kit

Salon owners with an established client base seeking a premium spray tan experience should consider the Gold Spray Tan Salon Kit. This kit is tailored to meet the demands of a bustling salon environment. With x4 1 litre solution bottles enough for approximately 80 clients in a variety of DHA percentages, you’re set up ready to earn an income from £1,200 (based on treatment charge), With additional products such as the Sienna X Roller Kit Bag and retail products, this is the ultimate kit package with great value for money. This kit also includes free Level 1, 2 & 3 spray tan training leaving you ready to master your spray tan career.

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Sienna X Salon Master Professional Kit

Salon Master Professional Spray Tan Kit

For the seasoned salon professional looking to offer a top-of-the-range spray tan experience, the Sienna X Master Professional Salon Kit Package is the ultimate choice. It offers an even broader range of Sienna X products. This package is for salon owners who are committed to offering the most comprehensive and luxurious spray tan services available with enough spray tan solution provided to spray up to 80 clients. This kit will leave you equipped with the top-of-the-range spray tan machine, the T200, and a Sienna X Debut Booth. This booth is suitable for permanent spray tanning locations such as in your salon area keeping it tidy and professional. This kit comes with Level 1, 2 & 3 spray tan training.

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Sienna X Ultimate Salon Professional Kit Package

Sienna X Ultimate Salon Professional Spray Tan Kit

Elevate your spray tanning reputation to new heights with the Ultimate Salon Professional Sienna X Spray Tan Kit. This kit is suitable for established salons looking to offer a premium and comprehensive spray tanning experiences. There is enough spray tan solution for up to 200 clients, giving you earnings from £4,000 (dependent on cost of treatment charged). With the addition of a Sienna X Debut Booth & Sienna X Spray Tan Cubicle, this spray tan kit package sets you up for offering salon treatments as well as a mobile service. This spray tan kit will ensure your clients will be treated to a truly indulgent and professional spray tanning experience. The kit also includes free level 1, 2 & 3 spray tan training allowing you to become a spray tanning expert.

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Switch to Sienna Spray Tan Kit

Switch to Sienna Spray Tan Kit

If you’re already in the spray tan business and considering making the switch to Sienna X, this kit is the perfect transition package. It allows experienced spray tan professionals to seamlessly integrate Sienna X into their existing setup. With high-quality solutions and a professional spray tan machine, you can trust Sienna X to meet your standards and uphold your spray tanning reputation.

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Whether you’re a spray tanning novice or a seasoned pro, Sienna X offers a wide range of spray tan kits to suit your needs and circumstances. Not only this, many of our spray tan kits come with free spray tan training to ensure you are looked after every step of the way.

best spray tan kits

How do I choose the best spray tan kit for me?

Choosing the perfect Sienna X spray tan kit depends on a few factors that depend on your experience level, business goals, and client base.

For instance, are you looking to offer spray tanning as a part-time service? Or are you wanting to build a thriving spray tanning business or offer it as an additional service in your existing salon? You’ll also want to consider your client base – do you serve a diverse clientele with varying skin tones and preferences? Or do you just have a small number of clients on your books?

You’ll also want to think about your personal budget and long-term goals to ensure that your spray tan kit aligns with your business aspirations.

Is spray tanning profitable?

Absolutely! Spray tanning is a great way to earn extra income. We all love having a glowing tan without the sun’s harmful effects, and you’ll often see repeat clients coming back for special occasions or just to top up their healthy glow. Spray tanning also has low overhead costs, with the ability to spray tan in the comfort of your own home or even go mobile.

With Sienna X, you can learn to spray tan in a day, practice over a few weeks, and start earning a profit in just a few months! By spray tanning just 10 times a week, you could earn £48,000 a year.

How to start a spray tanning business

Starting a spray tanning business is easier than you might think! Once you’ve purchased your Sienna X spray tan kit and undergone your exclusive spray tan training, you’ll want to start marketing your services. As well as practising on friends and family and getting them to spread the word, you’ll also want to build an online presence through social media, a website, or local listings to build your customer base. Offering promotions or package deals can certainly help with this, and encourage new customers to book your services. Remember, exceptional customer service and refresher training and learning will help you stay ahead of the curve!

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