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How To: Clean and Maintain Tanning Equipment

3 Min Read Tuesday 15th November 2016

Clean your spray tan equipment regularly to remove residue build-up, prevent blockages and reduce clogging.

We recommend that you pour any remaining Solution back into the original bottle and wipe down your equipment at the end of each working day to safeguard your investment. Blocked guns can malfunction, slowing you down in the treatment room and adversely affecting the quality of your spray tans. Do a deep clean on your tools as often as you can to protect your warranty and ensure that your equipment works soundly.

Aura Xena

The ideal spray tanning machine for the professional searching for great value for money, along with a sleek aesthetic.

  1. Unscrew the Aura Xena pot from the gun and thoroughly was out with warm clean water. Dry fully before screwing pot back on.
  2. Dry the threading of the container and gun before screwing the container back on.
  3. Repeat the above until the water spraying from the nozzle is clear.
  4. For a more thorough clean, unscrew the union nut / air cap ring and remove the air cap and nozzle. Clean the air cap, nozzle seal and nozzle with a brush and water, before drying all parts and re-assembling.
True Spray T200

The machine of choice for busy tanning salons, this robust piece of equipment is suitable for unlimited use and is super easy to clean.

  1. Dismantle the gun, then put very hot water in the cup and turn the dial on the back of the gun anti-clockwise three or four full turns to fully open the gun nozzle.
  2. Hold the trigger for a minute or two to blast the hot water through – this will cut through any DHA left in the needle and prevent intermittent spraying.
  3. Take the cup off the gun and empty any remaining water.
  4. Pull out the pick-up tube and swill out behind it with very hot water again.
  5. Leave the pieces to air dry and put back together. Turn the dial on the gun clockwise until it closes completely, then back anti-clockwise once again one full turn to reset it to the recommended working condition.
Pop Up Tent

Keep your pop up tent clean by wiping it down after each use, or by using your spray gun (once free from solution) to spritz some clean water on the inside. Use a cloth or a roll of tissue to absorb any remaining product and dry the surface so it can be folded down and stowed away in its carry bag. If you’re using a Sienna X branded cubicle liner, remember that you can pop this in the washing machine at 30 degrees maximum.

For more guides on using and cleaning Sienna X tanning equipment check out our YouTube channel.

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