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3 ways to reduce overspray

2 Min Read Thursday 11th July 2019

Overspray is the word used for describing airborne tanning solution that doesn’t land on your client’s skin during a spray tanning treatment but floats around in the air before settling elsewhere. This atomised mist is very fine so it can be tricky to see it before it touches down on areas like floors, soft furnishings and walls.

Here are 3 simple ways to reduce overspray during your tanning treatments to create a cleaner and fresher environment for your client:

Check your spray tan gun

Adjust the pressure on your spray tanning gun. Turning it down a notch will prevent high pressure spray from landing on your client’s skin and ‘bouncing back’ off at speed. HVLP spray tanning machines (high volume, low pressure) are often preferred over low volume machines because they allow you to tan a bigger area at once with a finer mist. These clever bits of kit elicit less overspray and curb that boomerang effect.

Adjust client position

Position your client at the very back of your pop up tanning tent or tanning booth to capture the majority of overspray within the booth. This simple trick helps to contain as much mist as possible inside the structure of the booth, making it simpler and quicker to clean up afterwards. Placing a mark on the base of your booth will can remind you to help clients to stand in the correct position.

Invest in an extractor fan

Place an extractor fan between you and your client to ‘grab’ airborne particles of tanning spray that haven’t reached their skin yet and could land on walls, floors and furnishings. This mobile extractor fan is lightweight and easy to position when you’re out and about whereas this salon extractor fan, designed for busy spaces, is more powerful and can be installed in the back of a booth. Finally, for extra busy salons why not invest in a Butterfly Booth that’s designed to virtually eliminate overspray courtesy of the double extractors built within its frame?

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