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The best wax for coarse hair

2 Min Read Tuesday 29th May 2018

Coarse hairs growing on the bikini line, underarms and even facial areas like the chin can be really stubborn to remove. These terminal hairs, which are thicker and stronger than finer (vellus) hairs, can feel more painful to eliminate too. But what type of wax works best for removing course hairs?

Warm wax (or strip wax) works well for waxing coarse hair types. However, hot wax goes one step further and is fantastic for troubleshooting smaller more sensitive areas, like the bikini line, where terminal hair commonly grows.

Hot wax is sometimes described as ‘hard wax’, ‘peelable wax’, ‘non strip wax’ or ‘Brazilian wax’. It dries hard on the skin but remains pliable so it can be peeled off without a strip, even on intimate regions.

This type of wax shrink wraps itself around hairs. You can pull it off in one swift motion, leaving behind smooth, hair-free skin. It’s excellent for removing short hairs that appear on the face, as well as denser hairs that grow thicker on the underarms in a more concentrated space. Plus, you eliminate the need to use strips.

If you tend to do a lot of Hollywood or Brazilian waxes then hot wax is ideal. It’s a particularly effective wax for coarse hairs that grow in sensitive areas. For finer, regular hairs growing over the limbs, a warm wax is perfect as it’s been formulated to use over larger surface areas.

Bespoke treatments

Why not combine both hot and warm wax to create bespoke waxing treatments for your clients? This ensures you capture both course and fine hairs when waxing clients. Additionally, this will elevate your treatment to a luxurious, sophisticated experience. As waxing is a maintenance treatment, this is a great way of securing returning clients. It is recommended that waxing is performed at least every six weeks on average.

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