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Hot & Warm Wax

Buy 2 wax pots and get 20% off!

Mix and match 450g or 800g wax products for 20% off!

A luxurious wax range for professionals looking to offer premium treatments with less pain.

The Sienna X wax range includes both hot and vegan warm waxes, with non-sticky formulations that leave no residue.

If you’re looking to make your waxing treatments stand out from the crowd and build a loyal customer base then Sienna X is the right choice for you!

No snapping or breaking on removal – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!*

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    • peppermint hot wax

      Peppermint Créme Hot Wax (800g)

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    • gold warm wax

      Honey Gold Warm Wax 450g

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    • mini wax eyebrow pot

      Mini Eyebrow Wax Pot 120g

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    • Waxing Try It Intro Kit 2019

      Intro ‘Try It’ Wax Kit

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    • hot gold wax

      Gold Film Hot Wax (800g)

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    • wax roller

      Wax Roller Cartridge (100g)

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    • peppermint gelee warm wax

      Peppermint Gelee Warm Wax 450g

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    • peppermint creme warm wax

      Peppermint Créme Warm Wax 450g

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    How much can I earn?

    Sienna X wax offers great profit margins.

    Calculate how much you can earn from each hot or warm wax using our Wax Calculator.

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