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3 Min Read Monday 12th December 2016

For a treatment that involves a certain level of discomfort and possibly even a little bit of embarrassment, it might be considered surprising that intimate waxing treatments – including anything from a basic bikini to the full works (otherwise known as a Hollywood) – are now the most popular waxing treatments that therapists can offer. With repeat bookings and a steady stream of appointments all year-round, intimate waxing is big business, especially when you consider that around 40% of clients are likely to choose a therapist that comes personally recommended*. So providing a comfortable, speedy and efficient intimate wax is the way to make sure your business and service stands out. But how do you do this? Well first of all, make sure you’re using a hot wax for your intimate treatments.

Here’s the science to explain why hot wax is better suited than warm wax, for intimate areas:

Unlike warm wax, which sticks to the skin, hot wax grips the hair itself by shrink-wrapping around the hair shaft when applied. This makes it much better than warm wax at removing the stronger, coarser terminal hairs that appear on the bikini line. It also makes the waxing experience slightly more comfortable when working on a sensitive and delicate area such as the bikini area, because the wax doesn’t just stick to the skin.

Another benefit to this shrink-wrapping effect, is that the hot wax is able to grip even very short hairs. This means clients can return for repeat treatments more quickly – meaning more profit for your business!

What’s more, advanced modern hot wax formulas are specifically designed for sensitive areas. Sienna X hot waxes for example can be used at a low temperature, which makes the experience far more pleasant for the client. They’re also flexible with high viscosity and a fluid consistency, so they won’t snap when applied thinly, or leave any residue behind on the skin. This results in a more professional, speedy and comfortable intimate wax.

Always keep in mind that the bikini is a very sensitive area and the skin can be more fragile than on other areas of the body. Choose a routine that will protect and care for the skin, as well as remove the hair. The Sienna X 3-step skincare system is designed to enhance a waxing treatment by protecting the skin, and the unique compound Defensil®-Plus will strengthen the skin barrier to help reduce redness and irritation.

When using a hot wax, you can choose to use a fine layer of Soothing Oil before you apply the wax itself, as this adds an additional protective barrier to make sure the wax only grips the hair.

Gone are the days when a client would dread coming to their therapist for some necessary de-fluffing. We believe that all wax treatments should be just that – a treat! The experience should always be comfortable for the client, whilst being as luxurious as possible. The best way to achieve that is by choosing a waxing system that will provide efficient and reliable results, whilst leaving the client feeling pampered and happy to rebook in for their next appointment.

Sienna X hot waxes are Peppermint Hot and Gold Film. Click here to find out more:

*Figure from Professional Beauty

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