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3 ways to speed up your waxing time

2 Min Read Friday 3rd May 2019

Fitting an extra couple of treatments into your working day can do wonders for your income. Speeding things up, even by just a couple of minutes per client, can create enough time to squeeze in an additional eyebrow wax before you close up — that’s 20 more treatments over a month. Here are some easy ways to shave some time off your waxing treatments that you can incorporate today:

Oil up!

Prep your client’s skin by cleansing first and then massaging in a touch of Soothing Oil. This product moisturises dry areas, ensuring that the wax shrink wraps around individual hairs instead of being ‘grabbed’ by thirsty skin. The result? All hairs are removed from the root in one swift motion so you’ll never have to go over the same area twice.

Champion the wax roller

Why not use a wax roller for larger treatments to speed up your application time? Rollers have wider mouths than the edge of a spatula so coverage is far greater. They’re also designed to release the ideal amount of wax without dragging so you’re never wasting extra product. Here’s more on the benefits of wax rollers.

Tailor your technique

Apply longer lengths of wax over larger areas to accelerate the application process, e.g. during a leg wax cover the entire shin from just below the knee to the ankle. Then remove the wax in smaller sections to (1) retain control, (2) reduce the risk of leaving a residue behind and (3) maintain the comfort of your client. A thinner layer of wax will adhere better to your wax strip, resulting in a cleaner finish that’s free from breakages. You will also be able to re-use the same strip over the same area, saving you from returning to your beauty trolley for more strips.

All Sienna X waxes are formulated to be applied thinly and stay pliable at lower temperatures, making them the perfect tool for faster waxing. Order your face and body waxes here.

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