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Ditch that spatula; switching to a wax roller

2 Min Read Wednesday 7th November 2018

Compact, neat and easy to use, wax rollers are super-convenient for a variety of waxing treatments and come with heaps of benefits. Here are just four fabulous advantages to using wax roller cartridges:

No messy drips. Who wants to be wiping wax off counters, beauty beds and floors? Wax rollers don’t drip like traditional spatula applicators so you can say au revoir to cleaning up spillages and drips between clients.

Quicker application over large areas. Because a roller has a wider mouth than the edge of spatula, its coverage is much greater. This is brilliant if you’re waxing areas like the legs or back because you can cover a bigger surface area far quicker. Plus, you won’t need to waste time returning to your wax heater to reload your spatula.

Economical coverage. Wax rollers are designed to release the perfect amount of wax without dragging so you’re never wasting extra product. Sienna X waxes are formulated to work fantastically when applied thinly, which means you’re always saving on product as compared to other professional salon brands.

Portable shape and size. Thinner than traditional portable wax heaters, wax rollers are much easier to carry and transport to mobile waxing appointments. If you’re often out and about on appointments then a roller could be exactly up your street, especially if you have a narrow single cartridge wax heater to take along.

Order your wax roller cartridges here and jump on the bandwagon!

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