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Why invest in Sienna X skincare for salons?

2 Min Read Thursday 6th February 2020

Making the switch to a new skincare supplier is a big decision if you’ve spent years using the same products and don’t want to risk rocking the boat. However, stick with the same old thing and you’ll soon be bypassed by other salons that are investing in new ranges that combine up-to-the-minute skincare know-how with natural, skin-friendly practices. Isn’t it time you bit the bullet and moved with the times?

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Sienna X skincare for your salon:

The range is suitable for all skin types! Formulated to work with normal, dry, oily and combination skin, our gentle but effective products are ideal for even the most sensitive complexions both young and old. Why not use a single, affordable range for everyone and cut back on the need for extra serums, creams and masks?

Fast, visible results are exactly what clients are looking for after a facial treatment and our collection is guaranteed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin quickly and reliably. Click here for some brilliant before and after pics that prove it.

Create and adapt personalised facials for every client with a mix n match technique. For example, use The Miracle Mask to nourish thirsty skin before applying The Chemical Peel to brighten dull patches on clients with uneven pigmentation. Or apply The Cleansing Balm for a deep double cleanse followed by The Retinol Serum to counteract fine lines and wrinkles on mature clients.

Non-greasy, quick to absorb products are exactly what you need when you’re applying a series of skincare champions to the skin in a limited time frame. Plus, the no-nonsense names on all our products mean you can find exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Go natural and cruelty free by choosing Sienna X and give the conscious customer what they want. Every skincare product in our line (apart from The Miracle Mask) is vegan too, so you’ll be able to attract a wider range of clientele who have adopted a vegan lifestyle.

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