Skincare Case Studies

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These new Sienna X skincare fans share their experience. See results from clients whether they are heading to the salon for a bespoke facial or upping their regime at home. Create your own results…

See the UNBELIEVABLE results our therapists have had so far!

The Cleansing Lotion, The Chemical Peel & The Clay Mask to help tackle large, oily pores

The Cleansing Lotion, The Chemical Peel & The Retinol Serum

The Cleansing Lotion, The Facial Polish & The Clay Mask

4 facials using The Cleansing Lotion, The Facial Polish, The Chemical Peel (started on 5 mins, the next time a week later 6 mins, a week later 7 mins and the final one 8 mins). She’s had Dermaplaning on the last session too to get that really smooth & polished look but the hard work has been done by the skincare range!

“I run my own beauty business and it’s important to me to source products that not only have an excellent reputation and branding but also products that are natural, cruelty free and suitable for a wide range of clients. Sienna x has done just that. Initially I tried the facial polish & chemical peel. I was extremely impressed. I set out to try out some different skin types; my friends and family! They all had fantastic results too! Now I’ve invested in the entire skin care range for my clients and they LOVE IT! I’ve created and adapted personalised facials for my clients age, skin type and their personal skin needs. Because the range is suitable for all skin types, I love that I can swap and change my own and my clients facial regime depending on what they need and the time of year it is. I adore the brand and trust it wholeheartedly. I hope that Sienna continue with their fantastic work & create even more lovely products in the range because it really is fantastic. The results I’ve had on myself and my clients prove that they work! I would love to see a mini bottle range like they have in the tanning range so I could retail some at home facial kits! Thank you Sienna x for creating an easy to use and understand facial line that suits us all individually. I love it!”
– Hollyanna Moppett, Owner of Lilly’s Beauty Rooms

“Started using the range as soon as I saw them in Sallys. Already a big fan of Sienna X products, so I had to try! Tried them on some of my clients so far, and they absolutely love the products. Everything I need to create tailored treatments in clever little range. The smells are incredible and the products really work! Very Happy!”
– Anna.P, Mobile Therapist

“I’ve started offering facials to my clients this week and the response has been incredible! She enjoyed it so much she’s already booked her next treatment! Im in love with the smell it leaves my salon!!”
– Bella, Mobile Therapist

“I don’t tend to use oil on my face as I find oils to be quite greasy however the Sienna X facial oil feels nothing but hydrating. I put it on after cleansing, just before bed and wake up to beautifully smooth skin.”
– Lily D, Salon Therapist

“I love this, it’s the best day cream I’ve used! My face is soft and it doesn’t leave it feeling al all greasy or heavy. It absorbs really quickly as well. Works great on hands too.”
– Jane, Mobile Therapist