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Where can I find vegan body wax?

2 Min Read Friday 3rd January 2020

Eliminating animal products from your diet tends to be the first step to embracing a vegan lifestyle. Alongside this, you may also want to ensure that the beauty products and cosmetics you use, from shampoos and deodorants to perfumes and blusher, are vegan-friendly too.

The good news is that the beauty industry is definitely catching up with the zeitgeist, and introducing an assortment of brilliant vegan products that appeal to customers and clients who want to live in a more ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free world.

Did you know Sienna X warm wax is already vegan friendly? We’ve stayed ahead of the curve and produced an ethical hair removal wax that’s on par with other varieties of body wax that aren’t vegan so you’ll never be sacrificing on the quality of your waxing experience.

Our Warm Wax is perfect for waxing over large and small areas! Making it ideal for everything from bikini waxing and leg waxing to eyebrow shaping and face waxing so you won’t need to give up any of your regular treatments.

If your current waxing salon doesn’t offer vegan waxing then why not recommend Sienna X to your therapist as an up-to-the-minute vegan waxing retailer? And if you’re new to waxing then make sure to check that the salon you choose uses Sienna X award-winning waxes to avoid compromising on your vegan philosophy.

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