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What is airbrush tanning?

2 Min Read Monday 28th October 2019

Airbrush tanning used to be the leading tanning system used by beauticians before HVLP machines came along. They use a finer solution than the ones used in mainstream HVLP tanning machines because they run on less power but are great for applying detail to the skin by hand.

This style of tanning treatment isn’t as popular now simply because new and improved technology has surpassed it in many ways.

For example, with an HVLP machine, spray tans are far quicker to administer and produce much less overspray so you waste less product. You can carry out a single treatment in half the time, meaning you can double up your appointments and maximise your earning potential. These machines provide lots of control and you can adjust the density dial to adapt the flow too. Plus, you can still use the gun to enhance the body’s natural contours and do detail work, thus creating a ‘tantour treatment‘ that showcases the muscles, camouflages marks and scars and creates areas of light and shade as and where required.

However, some people still prefer the older style of airbrush tanning because it offers particularly precise control and makes it easier to ‘draw on’ greater muscle tone and create the illusion of a slimmer and fitter physique through body sculpting. It takes longer to complete than an HVLP spray tan but you can always promote airbrush tanning as a luxury treatment and emphasise its premium characteristics to boost profits.

The key thing to remember is that tanning solution for HVLP machines isn’t suitable for airbrush machines because it can clog up the system due it its thicker texture. Make sure to purchase the correct variety of solution for your machine to guarantee an effective performance.

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