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Contoured spray tans

2 Min Read Friday 5th May 2017

Contouring make-up techniques are definitely in¬†vogue¬†these days and ‘tantouring’ (using fake tan to highlight the natural curves of the body) is hot on its heels. Capitalise on¬†this beauty trend and refresh your treatment list¬†with¬†contouring spray tans¬†to¬†attract those clients that like to run with the times.

So how do you create a contoured tan anyway?

It’s all about using light and shade to your advantage
— simply apply¬†darker solution to those areas that you want to ‘push back’ and lighter solution to the parts you’d like to accentuate or ‘bring forward’. For example, richer solution applied to the sides of the¬†torso, arms and legs draws the eye inwards, cleverly creating the illusion of a slimmer body. This allows you to sculpt the midriff, add definition to key areas and highlight the curves of the breasts and decolletage.

‘Tantouring’ can shave inches off a silhouette

‘Tantouring’ can shave inches off a silhouette, appealing to those who want to slim down their appearance for a summer on the beach. It also emphasises the muscle tone for male clients — in fact, with a few¬†advanced contouring techniques under your belt you’ll soon be able to draw on a six pack and bulging biceps to create¬†a muscle bound physique that’s taken zero effort to achieve.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Book onto our Level 3 Advanced Spray Tan Training Course >** to pick up tips on mastering the art of body contouring and bespoke sculpting.

**Please note: you must have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 spray tan training to be eligible for the advanced course.

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