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Waxing contraindications

2 Min Read Tuesday 3rd July 2018

What is a waxing contraindication? In simple terms it’s something that might restrict or prevent you from going ahead with a waxing treatment on a client.

It can include anything from a skin disorder, infection or allergy to inflammation, tenderness and even pregnancy. You must find out if your client shows any of these contraindications during your initial consultation so you can adapt (or perhaps even postpone) their treatment to suit the unique needs of their skin.

Common contraindications that strike over a heatwave are sunburn, hives and prickly heat. If your client shows signs of reddened skin that is painful to the touch then waxing is a definite no no. Both hot and warm wax will only irritate the skin further, perhaps even exacerbating the burn and hampering the healing process. Sunburned skin is extremely delicate and extra sensitive so waxing over it will only put your client in undue pain and discomfort.

The good thing about this type of contraindication is that it’s short lived — the skin will eventually heal and you can continue to wax over it as normal. Until then advise your client to stay out of the sun and cover up with loose fitting clothing to protect their skin (tight-knit fabrics that you can’t see through as you hold them up to the light will do the best job). Moisturisers containing soothing aloe vera can also help to dampen down the burn and bring instant relief.


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