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Top Tips During Bridal Season

3 Min Read Monday 20th February 2023

As a spray tan therapist, the bridal season is a great opportunity for you to offer a range of treatments to brides-to-be and their wedding party. Here are some top tips to help you stand out from your competitors and offer a premium bridal tanning service to your clients.

Provide Bridal Tan Fittings

In the same way that brides have dress fittings before their wedding day, spray tan fittings are a series of treatments spread over a few weeks that allow clients to trial different tans. The bride gets to select a spray tan shade that compliments their complexion and outfit. Plus, you get a guaranteed run of appointments. It’s a win-win!

We advise offering the following:

  • A consultation where you can talk to the bride about tan expectations and complete a trial treatment.
  • A follow-up tan that considers the results of the previous session. This is where you can alter the previous shade if required. We also recommend discussing bridal cosmetics — suggest synchronising make-up and hair trials now while the tan colour is fresh and allows an accurate visualisation of the final look.
  • A pre-wedding spray tan and a discussion of post-tan products the bride can use to prolong her golden colour well into her honeymoon and beyond. This will give you the opportunity to promote consumer products too.

Offer a Tan using our Clear Spray Tan Solution

Beat your competitors by offering a specialised Sienna X bridal tan by using our Clear Spray Tan solution. The 100% transparent formula eliminates the risk of colour transfer, guaranteeing that the bride’s wedding dress remains pristine. While the clear solution can be a more difficult process to achieve a flawless tan, we offer training on using the clear tan in all our training courses.

Add Waxing to Your Bridal Package

By offering your clients a wax treatment in your wedding beauty package, you’ll not only introduce them to a treatment they may not have previously considered but also widen your offering for male clients who may be inclined to have chest or back wax before hitting the beach on their Honeymoon. Learn more about our luxury wax range.

Make the Experience Luxurious and Special

Create an indulgent environment for the bride’s first consultation to feel special, valued and appreciated. Open up some bubbly, offer chocolates, include a complimentary gift and take your time discussing requirements for the big day. Set aside a healthy appointment period so you don’t have to rush.

Charge a Premium Price for Your Bridal Packages

Bridal packages should be presented as a luxurious, premium treatment. This means you can charge more as an overall package because you’ll be doing more e.g. discussing the bride’s vision, suggesting post-tan products or perhaps even supplying a complimentary goodie bag. However, as part of the deal, you could offer discounts to bridesmaids or even the groom to encourage other members of the wedding party to join in and make everyone feel like they’re making a saving.

By following these top tips, as a spray tan therapist, you can provide a premium bridal tanning service that stands out from your competitors and meets the needs of your clients. The bridal season presents a great opportunity to offer a range of treatments to brides-to-be and their wedding party, and with these tips, you can make it a success!

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