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Top tips for marketing waxing treatments

2 Min Read Friday 5th April 2019

Promoting your services is an integral part of running a beauty salon. But getting the word out can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to the business.¬†Here are our tips on marketing waxing treatments:

Luxe up your language

Waxing isn’t the most pleasant beauty treatment on the market but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it sound like a luxury. Highlight the benefits, such as silky smooth skin and sparser hair growth on your promotional materials, social media posts and newsletters. Make it sound like a premium treat for clients to get their eyebrows shaped by an expert. Update your specials lists, tweet regularly and post on Instagram and Facebook with news of your latest deals for the coming week.

Be timely

Mark special occasions and events, like Valentine’s Day, in your calendar and create waxing packages around the seasons. This time of year is brilliant for waxing because clients want to get beach-ready for short breaks over the Easter weekend and May bank holiday. Amp up your basic bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood wax offers to draw in clients who plan on wearing a swimsuit at the seaside. And don’t forget to include chest and back waxes for men so both guys and gals can ditch their razors for the entirety of their vacation.

Create ‘test drive tag ons’ and upgrades

Got tonnes of manicure clients? Tag on a quick eyebrow tidy for free so they can ‘test drive a treatment’ before they book in at full price another day. Offer deals that include smaller treats, like a 2-minute temple massage after a face wax, which will cost you nothing in terms of materials but feel like a relaxing indulgence for your clients that draws them in. Time limited offers and upgrades are brilliant for creating a buzz and giving current clients a nudge to book in before a special offer expires.

Last-minute bargains, potlucks and happy hours

Find that your appointment book is empty for two hours on a random Wednesday afternoon? Create a one-off happy hour package and raffle it away online to attract new clients. Make it a regular thing for whenever you’ve got an unexpected gap in your bookings or perhaps choose an entire day of the week to run a discount. Make it fun and don’t forget to hashtag it!

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