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4 benefits of body waxing

2 Min Read Saturday 26th May 2018

Waxing can be uncomfortable but the benefits far outweigh the pain. And once you get used to it you’ll wonder why you were ever worried about trying it for the first time.

Get longer lasting results

Shaving every day is annoying and it can leave your skin feeling dry, prickly and itchy as your hair grows back. Switch to waxing and you’ll only have to have a treatment once every four to six weeks! Waxing pulls each hair out from the root, unlike shaving which only cuts off the tips, so it takes far longer to grow back. When each hair does reappear it has a tapered tip so it feels finer and softer.

Save money

Ditching your razor will save you a tonne over the years, especially as your hair grows sparser and finer with regular waxing treatments (you’ll be able to space your sessions out further apart). Plus, waxing is far cheaper than other longer-lasting forms of hair removal like electrolysis and laser treatment.

Enjoy smoother skin

Waxing removes dead skin cells, therefore exfoliating the skin. This leaves behind smoother, brighter-looking skin that feels silky to the touch. Sick of the stubbly underarms and legs that come with shaving? Give waxing a shot and you’ll never go back to using a razor.

Give your skin a break

Tweezing, epilating, laser treatments and shaving can all leave sensitive skin feeling sore, irritated and painful. Waxing once a month saves delicate skin from these damaging forms of hair removal and allows the skin to return to its natural rested state.

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