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How to top up a fading tan

2 Min Read Friday 11th November 2016

We’ve all been there; a¬†week has passed since your last fake tan and you’re desperate to eke out your gorgeous glow for a couple more days. But you can’t be bothered/don’t have the time/or simply don’t want to¬†re-do your entire fake tan. Plus, your original tan hasn’t quite faded away enough yet to warrant a full-on re-application.

So how¬†can you top up your caramel colour, especially around those areas that are prone to fading faster like the hands and face, when you’re suffering through the ‘in-between stages of tanning’?

Here are two fantastic sunless tanning products that are ideal for refreshing a fading tan:

Express Tanning Mist

This ‘spray tan in a can’ develops in just four hours, making it perfect for ‘on-the-go’ top ups. Simply spray it over your face and hands to achieve a subtle glow that matches up to the rest of your tan. There’s zero prep work involved, the 360 degree nozzle makes it easy to cover hard-to-reach areas and it dries in minutes.

Gradual Self Tan Lotion

Lending the skin a gentle, sun-kissed colour, this versatile gradual tanner is applied in the same way as a moisturiser. Blend it into the skin and allow it to slowly develop over the course of the day to amp up your fading tan and top up key areas including the face, decolletage and the backs of your¬†hands. There’s no need to wash the product off either, making it super convenient for when time is short.

***If you DO want to apply tanner all over your body make sure to exfoliate first to remove dead skin cells and slough away as much remaining colour as you can. This will give you an even base to begin with and ensure that the final coverage isn’t patchy and uneven.***

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