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Tips for waxing mature skin

2 Min Read Friday 7th July 2017

The elasticity of the skin and its flexibility naturally reduces with age. This is because its outermost layer (the epidermis) begins to thin, leaving it feeling drier and more fragile. Sun exposure can also damage the skin over the years, resulting in skin sensitivities, and menopause can make it feel tighter because of a lower production of oil from the sebaceous glands.

All these factors mean that mature skin must be handled with extra care during the waxing process. Follow these useful tips to wax older skin successfully:

Prime and protect

Prep your client’s skin with moisturising Cleansing Gel¬†to remove impurities and prime it for the treatment. Then apply Soothing Oil to¬†lend it an extra layer of protection before application of the wax. The oil¬†allows the wax to shrink-wrap around the hair and not skin.

Check the temperature

Mature skin can be more sensitive to heat so use a wax that stays pliable at lower temperatures. Peppermint Gelee Warm Wax is ideal because it’s delicate¬†consistency means it can be applied thinly without snapping or dragging the skin. Plus it’s been specially formulated for ultra-sensitive skin and is rosin-free.

Focus on technique

Older skin needs more support during waxing because it can be thinner and saggier across certain areas. Gently stretch the skin¬†taut to¬†support it properly before applying and removing wax strips. Applying the wax to a smaller surface area can help you to keep the skin taut. You may need to do this during face waxing treatments too — as oestrogen levels drop, facial hair can appear darker and be more stubborn¬†to remove. Try to wax off all the hairs in a single motion because repeated waxing over the same area can result in bruising.

Double up on aftercare

Dry skin needs to be moisturised regularly so follow up each wax with an application of aftercare products that nourish and protect it. Cooling Creme instantly calms and soothes the skin post-waxing, helping to relieve discomfort, redness and skin sensitivity and Soothing Oil softens it, leaving behind an uplifting peppermint fragrance. Double up with these products and your client will leave the treatment room feeling pampered and cared for.

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