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The best professional mini wax pot for eyebrows

2 Min Read Friday 28th December 2018

Mini wax pots are ideal for smaller treatments like eyebrow waxing where you use less product per client. Plus, our pint-sized pot of¬†Peppermint Gelee Wax is simply a scaled down version of our larger warm wax formulated for face and body, so it’s perfect for salons that want to experiment with a new brand without investing a fortune in larger products.

Gelee wax makes for a more comfortable waxing experience because it melts at a lower temperature than other varieties of wax. It has a brilliant workable consistency so you can be really precise with creating a clean eyebrow reshape or tidy up, and you only need a small amount to cover a substantial area.

Designed especially for ultra-sensitive skin, our gelee formula is both rosin and tea-tree free so it’s fab for tender areas like the browbone. It’s also infused with skin-protecting echinacea that treats inflammation and is known for being gentle on extra sensitive skin.¬† This non-sticky wax applies smoothly and thinly without dragging so it hurts less when each strip is removed. It doesn’t leave a residue and it’s scented with uplifting peppermint to boot!

Order your mini wax pot here or purchase a large pot of Gelee Wax that contains enough product for an average of 450 eyebrow waxes!

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