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Tanning consultation for a perfect tan

2 Min Read Wednesday 29th June 2011

Take our tanning consultation to find the right shade for you.

How do you get the perfect tan? Understand your ideal tan better with our consultation guide to tanning.

Before you get your professional Sienna X spray tan, your tanning specialist will provide a tailored consultation to determine the right tan for you. Getting the right shade of tan is about pairing a suitable formula with the your natural; skin tone to create the desired depth.

Firstly, your tanning therapist will assess your skin tone as part of the consultation. If you have light skin you will be given a low DHA formula, such as our Sienna X Pro Tan Solution 8% DHA. Medium skin types who tan easily in the sun can take a deeper shade such as Sienna X Pro Tan Solution 10% DHA. Olive to dark skin types are perfectly suited to our Sienna X Pro Tan Solution 12% DHA.

You’ll also be asked about the occasion – are you tanning for a night out, a wedding or a holiday? Or perhaps just to give your skin a sunkissed boost for every day? Tanning not only enhances your natural skin tone and brings out your features, but it can even out your complexion. This will give you gorgeous, blemish-free skin which will look fantastic on photographs if you’re attending a special event.

Following your consultation, your spray tan therapist will choose the right tanning formulation to match your needs and will apply one to two spray tan applications depending on your desired effect. If you’re heading holiday or on honeymoon, it’s recommended you take sachets of Sienna X Prolong Tan Extending Balm. These sachets help maintain tan vibrancy while nourishing your skin with Almond Oil and Shea Butter. Furthermore, using Sienna X Q10 Self Tan Mist is a good idea for flawless on-the-go top ups.

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