Taking the time to de-stress during uncertain times….

Now it’s more important than ever to take the time for you if you are currently facing a particularly stressful time.

Taking that extra time for you can make the world of difference to your mental and physical health.

Here at Sienna X, we have some useful home skincare routine tips, formulated to help relax your mind, as well as fight common skin concerns during times of stress and anxiety.

Use products infused with essential oils, designed to relax the senses

Our top products to feature in a de-stressing, relaxation treatment include:

Vegan friendly and 100% natural, this lightweight oil can be used to both massage and hydrate the skin dry, damaged winter skin with just one small drop. Containing five botanical lipids with natural rosehip seed oil, its expertly blended to create a nourishing and skin softening treat.

Vegan friendly and 97% natural, a luxury balm that removes even long-wear and waterproof makeup whilst deeply cleansing and removing negative traces left behind from pollution. The scent of Rose Geranium Essential Oil relaxes and calms for a perfect destressing treatment.

Cleansing Balm Swatch

Applying a tapping technique when applying facial products

When training professional facialists, we always educate a simple, yet effective skin tapping routine to facial treatments which involves the use of fingertips to tap on the endpoints of energy meridians that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin.

The main points to focus when tapping include, the top of the head, the eyebrows, the side of the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, the chin as well as the collarbone.

The main benefits of applying a tapping technique include:

Use products designed the combat the signs of stress

The lack of sleep from stress as well as day to day anxiety and stress can cause the body to release more of the stress hormone cortisol. Over time cortisol which has built from the effects of stress and sleepless nights will go onto breakdown the skin’s natural collagen, causing the skin to appear sallow and less smooth, as it loses its elasticity.

The answer?

As much as dehydration can be tackled head-on with hydration products, it takes a little more work to boost the production of collagen in the skin after the effects of stress, which calls for a full skin detox!

We recommend adding 3 key products to use in your treatment to detox the skin, and boost the production of collagen:

The Chemical Peel (Trade £18.50 +VAT/£37.00 RRP)

A high strength liquid exfoliator formulated with Glycolic Acid to effectively and safely exfoliate skin and leave you with a smooth, radiant and luminous complexion. Ongoing use will give a more even skin tone.

Formulated with, natural, cell renewing and restoring ingredients such as:

10% GLYCOLIC ACID effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin.

5% FRUIT ACID BLEND is a concentrated blend of extracts including bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon that contain naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). This product safely exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates skin cell renewal which promotes skin radiance.

ALLANTOIN acts as a skin protectant and has soothing, anti-irritating properties.

WHITE WILLOW BARK EXTRACT POWDER is an all-natural, gentle skin exfoliant.

The Clay Mask (Trade £17.00 +VAT/£34.00 RRP)

This detoxifying formula absorbs excess sebum, toxins, impurities and traces of pollution, promoting a clean, healthy and glowing complexion.

Formulated with, natural, skin-nourishing ingredients to help restore skin health, such as:

CHIA SEED EXTRACT – anti-inflammatory to help fight dehydration, skin irritation and blemishes.

KAOLIN – a natural mineral that helps to stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing.

GUAVA EXTRACT – helps to slow the signs of ageing. Rich in Vitamin A, B and C to prevent day to day wear and tear of the skin.

GRAPEFRUIT EXTRACT – has the ability to tone the skin and works as an astringent for oily and acne-prone complexions.

BENTONITE CLAY – absorbs impurities and toxins from the skin by drawing excess oils and debris to the surface for easy removal.

ILLITE CLAY – or French Green Illite Clay, is prized for its clarifying, toning, and detoxifying abilities.

The Retinol Serum (Trade £18.00 +VAT/£36.00 RRP)

This highly concentrated Retinol serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with ongoing use. Stimulates collagen production, while boosting radiance, luminosity and creating a smooth complexion with a youthful even tone.

0.3% PURE RETINOL –  The maximum UK strength. Proven to be more effective in anti-ageing than other commonly used retinol derivatives or esters.

KAKADU PLUM – helps provide visible wrinkle reduction and skin luminosity. It energizes dull-looking skin and improves skin radiance and luminosity. It helps reduce skin redness and improves the overall skin tone.

PENTAVITIN ensures instant, deep and lasting hydration.

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