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When to Fake Tan Before a Holiday

4 Min Read Friday 14th July 2023

It’s a question that we often hear from people before they head abroad…..when do I fake tan before a holiday? Even if you’re jetting off somewhere hot and sunny, you still want to arrive with a bit of a tan. Luckily for you, there are a couple of options to choose from to ensure you step off that plane already glowing!


Nobody likes that first day on holiday where you’re the palest person by the pool, which is why many people now choose to fake tan before they go away. Arriving at your destination looking flawlessly bronzed will get your holiday off to the best possible start, making you feel confident in a bikini and leaving you with more time for sipping cocktails!

So, how do you guarantee that you get the best possible pre-holiday tan? As with most things before you go away, it’s all down to planning.

“It’s all down to planning”

Firstly, you should decide what type of tan you would like, as there are two ways that you can safely achieve a tan before your holiday. You can choose to apply self-tan with a product from our retail range, such as one of our Mists or Lotions, or you can leave it to the professionals and book in for a full spray tan.

Whichever option you choose, each has their own unique benefits and it’s up to you as to whether you prefer the ease of self-tanning in your own time and home, or whether you’d rather be certain of a professional result. Regardless, both options will leave you with a glowing golden tan before you even hit the sunbed!


Whichever method you choose, we always recommend to apply self tan or book a professional spray tan the day before you go on holiday. Set aside a good amount of time so you are not rushing the tanning process and are achieving that natural and even tan. This will give your golden colour plenty of time to develop. If you have any hair removal treatments, such as waxing, booked before your holiday then you should allow a 24-hour rest period before your tan. This gives your skin time to settle, and you don’t risk getting an uneven tan if the solution settles in open pores.

“Sea and swimming pools will make your tan fade quicker, so take along some Gradual Glowing Self Tan”


How long your fake tan lasts when you are on holiday very much depends on the sort of activities that you have planned. A beach holiday with sea, sand and swimming pools will make your tan fade quicker. This is because the chlorine in the water or the salty sea water will cause a faster ‘fade-off’ of your tan. Find out more in our complete guide on why this happens.

It’s worth taking along some Gradual Glowing Self Tan Lotion to top up your tan while you’re away. You can apply this as and when you need it to top up areas where your tan may have started to fade or become patchy.


Particularly if you are heading to a hot country for a beach holiday or to relax by the pool, remember that your fake tan won’t protect your skin from burning or sun damage. Your skin will still be susceptible to burning even with a thicker fake tan, so keep your skin safe in the sun with a high SPF!

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