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Why switch to Sienna X waxes?

2 Min Read Monday 15th May 2017

Is it really worth switching to a new waxing brand when you’ve used the same one for years?

It is when the brand you’re considering is Sienna X!

Here are 8 reasons why you should make that switch today:

  1. Our waxes contain Defensil Plus, a blend of natural extracts that strengthen the skin and make for a more pleasant waxing experience.
  2. These natural extracts instantly calm the treatment area, regenerate the skin barrier and alleviate inflammation, so that your client can leave the treatment room feeling pampered and relaxed rather than sore and uncomfortable.
  3. The thin texture of our hot and warm waxes allows for precision hair removal along the eyebrows and face. In fact, even the thinnest layer of wax will grab even the coarsest and shortest of hairs, allowing you to save on the amount of product you use per client.
  4. The other benefit to this is that clients return for repeat treatments more frequently because they won’t need to wait so long for their hair to grow back to a wax-able length.
  5. Better yet, our hot wax has a¬†flexible, high viscosity consistency, which means it won’t snap when applied thinly, or leave any residue behind on the skin. That means less clean up, a neater workstation and the use of fewer wax strips.
  6. Plus, because it can be used at low temperatures, each client will always feel comfortable, even during intimate waxing treatments, like Hollywood and Brazilian bikini waxes that can feel embarrassing enough already.
  7. Believe us, your clients will instantly feel the difference between a regular wax and a premium wax made with high quality ingredients.
  8. Take your waxing treatments up a notch by switching to a waxing brand that oozes luxury appeal, quality and comfort.

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