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How to spray tan under the bum cheeks

2 Min Read Tuesday 18th September 2018

Rump, rear or tush? Whatever you want to call it, the bottom is an embarrasing area of the body to talk about no matter the setting. So what do you do when your client has a voluptuous tushie and you can’t target the¬†crease that lies between the bottom and the very tops of the thighs?

First off, this area wouldn’t tan under the sun in normal circumstances so it’s natural for it to look lighter than the rest of the body anyway.

However, a problem arises if your light-skinned client has opted for a particularly rich tan — if you leave the crease untouched it will appear ghostly pale in comparison to the darker glow over the rest of their body. It can also be tricky to access the area under the bum cheeks for a plus size client without asking them for help.

Here’s what to do:

  • Ask your client to lean forwards so their bottom naturally raises up when it’s time to tan their back. Apply tanner as normal by spraying in downward vertical movements from the bottom towards the ankles. For older clients or those with mobility issues you could pop a chair inside the booth for them to rest their hands on as a stability aid.
  • If this doesn’t work get your client to do a lunge with one leg to reveal the creased area, apply tanner and swap to the other leg. Try to be quick!
  • Of course, you could always ask your client to lift their bottom with their hands if they can’t move into a leaning or lunged position (make sure that their bum is tan-free first so they don’t get stained palms or hand prints on their tush!). Release a blast of air over the area after you’ve sprayed it with tanner to encourage the solution to dry a bit before your client releases their position.

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