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Spray tanning a curvy client

2 Min Read Thursday 6th September 2018

Like flowers and snowflakes, no two bodies are the same. So of course, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ spray tan technique that suits everyone — adapting your approach is part and parcel of the job and the very thing that makes you an expert at what you do.

Here’s how to tailor your basic tanning routine for curvy or plus size clients:

  1. Take control and give your client clear instructions on moving their body into the right positions to achieve the best coverage. You’ll be asking them to lift their skin and to stretch up and down throughout their treatment so start off confidently and guide them well along each stage.
  2. Adopt a ‘spray and dry’ technique to prevent¬†solution pooling within skin creases. Key areas to dry well are folds on the back, the bust and stomach as well as creases along the wrists and knees.
  3. You may also need to add an extra stroke across the back and front to cover a larger area.
  4. To spray tan a bigger bust ask your client to lift their breasts with their hands (if stretching their arms up to the ceiling doesn’t quite cut the mustard) before quickly spraying the area directly underneath their chest. Then spray again without pulling the trigger on your gun to release a blast of air and encourage the solution to dry faster.
  5. Direct your client to stretch to one side to access folds of skin on either side of the back. For example if they stretch down and sideways to the left you can spray tan the right side and vice versa.
  6. Prevent white creases under the bottom my asking your client to do bend slightly forwards or do a lunge. Spray the area quickly before drying the skin again. (A lunged position is also ideal for spraying the knees.)
  7. Finally, suggest your client use a gradual tanner at home along folds and creases that might’ve been missed by your spray gun.

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