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Tips for tanning a big bust

2 Min Read Friday 13th April 2018

Sometimes getting your client to raise their arms up in the air isn’t enough to tan the area under their bust if they have a large cup size. You might also have older clients who can’t lift their arms up because of medical issues or joint problems. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and age affect the breast tissue and cause them to sag too. So what can you do to guarantee that you’ve achieved full coverage of the chest and under-bust area in these cases?

Here are our tips for tanning a big bust:

  1. Perspiration affects the finish of a tan so ask clients with bigger busts to dry the area under their breasts with a tissue or even some scrunched up couch roll to absorb any moisture before you begin.
  2. Normally we advise tanning the back and front of the body followed by the the left side before ‘front finishing’ where you tan the inside of the arms, wrists, under the bust and face. Raising the arms up in the air during the ‘front finishing’ portion usually lifts the breasts and gives you enough access to tan them fully. A light misting under the bust is usually plenty to create a natural-looking finish. But sometimes lifting the arms doesn’t reveal the bottom portion of the breasts among clients with larger cup sizes.
  3. Instead, when you’re tanning the front of your client ask them to hold up their bosom with their hands (before applying solution to their breasts or they’ll get orange palms!) so you can mist below their bust first.
  4. Then spray the area again without pulling the trigger on your gun to release a blast of air. This encourages the solution to dry faster. (You don’t want the breasts to fall back in their natural position when the solution is wet or you’ll get a patchy, uneven finish where the tanner has rubbed off).
  5. Your client can put their hands back down once the skin feels touch-dry and you can continue on with your regular routine, applying tanner over the breasts themselves.
  6. Always double check at the end that you’ve covered everything so you can top-up paler areas or bits you’ve missed.

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