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Why is my spray gun stopping and starting?

2 Min Read Wednesday 3rd October 2018

A temperamental spray gun is the enemy when it comes to delivering a flawless spray tan. If your fickle spray gun is being mean and moody here are some quick fixes to coaxing it back into its old reliable self:

Have you cleaned your gun properly? Dried product on the tip of the needle and a clogged nozzle can prevent solution from spraying out evenly. You must clean your gun well to ensure the solution has a clear line of exit. Here’s more on cleaning your spray gun and equipment maintenance.

Are you standing too far away? Prevent spattering by reducing the distance between you and your client — close up the density dial and stand closer to encourage an even mist of solution.

Is nothing coming out of your spray gun at all? Start with the basics; check your machine is on, top-up your solution if it’s running very low and make sure the pick up tube in the tan container is attached to the spray gun! If the trigger can’t be pulled back to release solution you’re density dial might need loosening a bit. If all this fails to make a difference, examine your air hose. If it’s faulty, broken or damaged you may need to replace it.

Is there too much solution coming out of your spray gun? Tighten the density dial a notch to reduce the flow and speed. Try to keep the spray gun moving to produce an even tan.


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