Self-care products you can retail to your clients

With many people currently going into isolation, self-care products can be realty helpful in restoring calm and helping to encourage a reduction in stress levels.

With so much going on, consider showing our more soothing and relaxing range of products to your clients during their treatments, so they can choose to buy and take home in case they or a loved one are encouraged to return to self-isolation.

Discover our top recommendations to help you promote self-care amongst your clients!

For a skin treat

For those on the search to treat their skin to only the best, why not recommend The Facial Oil?

Both vegan friendly and 100% natural, this lightweight oil can be used to both massage and hydrate dry, damaged skin with just one small drop. 

Containing five botanical lipids along with natural rosehip seed oil, it’s expertly blended to create a nourishing and skin softening treat. Perfect for enhancing the skin’s surface, providing hydration and creating a flawless base for makeup.

For those looking to cleanse and detoxify

We know it can be scary heading into self-isolation during this hard time. However, a great way to reduce any stress is recommending increasing self-care to your clients, especially to those on the search to really focus on their skincare.

For those on the search to start from scratch in cleansing and detoxifying their skin, look at recommending The Cleansing Balm.

A luxury balm that removes even long-wear and waterproof makeup while deeply cleansing and removing harmful traces left behind from pollution. The Cleansing Balm is vegan friendly and 97% natural, while containing the relaxing scent of Rose Geranium Essential Oil for a perfect de-stressing treatment.

The Clay Mask is also fantastic for the detoxification of the skin, due to its formulation of Chia Seed Extract and Bentonite Clay which absorbs impurities and draws out toxins from the skin.

For the ultimate treat

We all deserve the ultimate treat, and why not encourage your clients to treat themselves to their favourite self-tan while appointments could be further spaced apart.

For those looking for a naturally sunkissed finished, look to recommend a gradual tanning option such as the Gradual Untinted Lotion or the beautiful Rose Water Mist. 

Both give your client the option to control their final colour while being easy to maintain for an effortless look.

Alternatively, for those looking to keep their ideal colour following a spray tan, look to recommend a mousse and mitt for easy application. 

The Express Mousse is fabulous for those who don’t enjoy sitting in their guide colour for a prolonged amount of time, while the Sleep Mousse is perfect for those on the search to develop their colour over eight hours for a deeper colour.

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