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Does removing facial hair make it grow back thicker?

3 Min Read Tuesday 16th January 2018

Urgh! We’ve all been there. You glance in the mirror and notice that shadow above your upper lip has returned. It’s not quite Groucho Marx…¬†but still, you wouldn’t like to find yourself under fluorescent lighting anytime soon. So what should you do?! And does removing facial hair actually make it grow back thicker over time?

Well there are plenty of methods for tackling unwanted facial hairs (of both the moustache and chin variety). And they don’t necessarily mean the hair will grow back thicker and stronger…

  1. Shaving (is a big NO NO)

With results lasting only 1-2 days, shaving is quite a regime. Plus, as it’s basically the razor cutting the hair in half, it can make it appear coarser and *heaven forbid* make your facial hair look thicker.

  2. Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a permanent, if somewhat (*read: very*) expensive, hair removal treatment. This is one is for the dedicated.

Its permanence means it definitely won’t make your hair grow back thicker.

It tends to be effective on thick coarse hairs but has mixed results when it comes to lighter, fine facial hair.

  3. Depilatory creams

Ahh, the signature smell of depilatory cream! Doesn’t that take you back to the early days of your battle with the fuzz?

They might not be the most natural option but the chemicals in depilatory creams work by dissolving your hair – so the good news is, they don’t make your hair thicker, but the bad news is the results don’t last very long – as you’re removing from above the surface rather than from the root.

  4. Waxing

For most of us waxing tends to be the most effective option for removing facial hair. It’s long lasting and if you get into a regular routine your hair can even grow back finer (and for the lucky few, it can eventually stop growing back altogether!).

To get the best results it’s always best to visit a qualified wax therapist. This will avoid irritation and pre-empt any issues for those with sensitive skin. And if you’re a little shy about asking a stranger to remove your face fuzz, never fear, remember waxing therapists have seen it all! Quite literally!

The only downside perceived of waxing is that you have to go through a slight ‘hairy period’ and it can be a little eye watering – however if you pick a good quality wax such as Sienna X’s hot wax you can remove hairs as short as 1mm and the pain is kept to a minimum.

In summary, pick the right method and you can remove your facial hair without it growing back thicker. It’s all in the approach!

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