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Popular waxing trends to try this Valentine's

2 Min Read Tuesday 4th February 2020

Spice up your basic bikini wax in time for Valentine’s Day with these four popular waxing trends:

The up up and away!

Amp up your regular bikini wax with a G-string wax where hair is removed a bit further up and in so you can wear a flirty high-leg negligee without worrying about any strays. In most cases you won’t need to remove your underwear for this treatment and can simply move your panties aside a bit more than you normally would.

The shape out

Arrows, a love heart, your paramour’s initials? It’s not unusual for waxing clients to request that their hair be waxed into a specific shape for a bit of extra fun in time for the schmaltziest holiday of the year. Ask your therapist if they can bring your seductive ideas to life — just keep it simple and manage your expectations! Think thunderbolt rather than your sweetheart’s portrait.

The Hollywood nude

Feeling passionately bold? Try a Hollywood wax where every hair is removed from the front and back, leaving your skin feeling super-smooth all over. Your therapist will quickly put you at ease and provide a towel and disposable underwear to help you retain your modesty so any embarrassment you might feel at the start will be short-lived.

And one for the fellas…

A little bit of grooming down below never hurt anyone. It’s quick, lasts for up to a month and your hair will return feeling soft rather than blunt and itchy like it can do when you use a trimmer. If that’s too much, try shaping your chest hair into a heart shape for some silly fun and a bit of a laugh.

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