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What is a G-string wax?

1 Min Read Friday 2nd August 2019

The treatment names for bikini waxes can seem like a foreign language if you’re new to waxing.

From the Hollywood and Brazilian to the French, full bikini, and Brazilian Plus, there seems to be a secret codename for everything. The G-string bikini is a popular waxing treatment in the summer, but what exactly does it cover?

Here’s the intel:

A G-string wax is sort of like a regular bikini line wax with a little bit extra. It sometimes described as a high bikini too.

A normal bikini wax removes the hair from the sides and the top of the knicker line. G-strings tend to have higher cut sides than regular underwear so a G-string wax follows that higher line, resulting in a wax that goes a bit further up.

This is the perfect treatment to team with a high cut swimsuits and bikini bottoms because it removes all visible hair that’s growing outside of your costume, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Better yet, it takes almost the same amount of time as a basic bikini wax and the results can last for up to 4 weeks.

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