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Moisturising cleansing balm for dry skin

2 Min Read Thursday 30th January 2020

Every facial begins with a first (or superficial) cleanse that removes make up, grime and pollution from the skin to prep it for chemical peels and exfoliants, toners, face masks and blackhead removal.

It’s good professional practice to include a secondary (or double) cleanse into your facial routines to guarantee that all impurities have been removed and your client’s skin is immaculately clean and refreshed.

The Cleansing Balm is a fantastic salon cleanser that’s perfect for superficial and double cleansing because it doubles up as a moisturising mask.

A combination of Inca Inchi, Meadowfoam Seed and Sweet Almond oils, this luxury cleanser boasts a rich, moisturising texture that acts as a nourishing balm on dry skin. It hydrates the skin by locking in moisture and delivering nutrients deep into the epidermis, creating a pampering rose-scented treat for a parched complexion.

To use, warm a scoop of product in your hands until it melts. Massage into the skin with your fingertips using circular movements to remove traces of waterproof makeup and wait 5 minutes before splashing on some warm water. The water will emulsify the product, lending it an even creamier texture. Blend into the skin again to ensure all traces of cosmetic residue, dirt and pollution have been lifted off. Finally, rinse off with water or use a soft cleansing cloth to gently remove the balm for an extra touch of luxury.

If you’d like to use The Cleansing Balm as a mask or as a double cleanser after the first superficial cleanse, apply a generous amount onto dry skin and leave for 5 minutes. Then dampen the skin and massage for one minute before rinsing off or removing with a cleansing cloth.

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