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Why double cleanse your client's skin?

2 Min Read Friday 13th September 2019

Double cleansing simply means cleansing the face twice. It’s a practice that’s recommended by skincare experts who champion the importance of removing all traces of make up, pollution and SPF from the skin every evening.

Cleansing once with a cream cleanser or facial wash isn’t always enough to get rid of all the products lots of us apply on our face each day. In fact, long-lasting make up formulas are made to stick to the skin and can stubbornly remain on the surface even after a cleanse.

Double cleansing usually, but not always. involves two different products — the first to remove heavier cosmetics, such as foundation, concealer and eye make up, and the second to eliminate residues left on the surface as a final clean. Simply put, the first step loosens and removes make up and the second step actually cleans your skin.

When carrying out facials, you must start by cleansing your client’s skin first before applying masks, chemical peels and lotions.

Use micellar water to remove eye make up and other cosmetic products sitting on the surface of the skin. This initial clean should get rid of the majority of the top layer of make up and any sunscreen.

Follow up with a second cleanser, like The Cleansing Balm from our new skincare collection. Gently massage it over your client’s dry face in circular motions and wait five minutes (if you’re using it as a mask) before splashing on some water to emulsify the product and massage again. Then wipe the balm away with a flannel and rinse off.

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