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Is waxing suitable for my sensitive skin type?

2 Min Read Thursday 29th June 2017

Managing inflamed, sore, dry or tight skin can be a stressful job, so it’s understandable why people with sensitive skin often feel hesitant about trying new skincare products that could exacerbate their symptoms.

And it’s not only cosmetics that can make sensitive skin feel worse. Anything from stress, pollution, air conditioning and a poor diet can have a negative impact on the skin¬†too. Even daily shaving with a razor exacerbates redness, itching and rashes by creating tiny abrasions over the skin, leaving it feeling irritated and sore.

That’s why many people who suffer with sensitive skin opt for waxing over shaving. Although it might feel uncomfortable during the treatment, waxing leaves the skin smooth and hair-free for up to a month putting an end to daily shaving of the legs, underarms and bikini area. Plus, when the hair grows back it feels softer and doesn’t itch in the same way as shaved hair because the tip is finer.

Today’s gentle wax formulations, which combine soothing ingredients with natural extracts, are created with sensitive skin in mind. For example, our Peppermint Gelee Warm Wax is both rosin-free and tea tree-free, ensuring that it doesn’t trigger existing skin sensitivities.

If you’d like to try a professional wax and are worried¬†about it affecting your sensitive skin, speak to your beauty therapist about your concerns beforehand. A quick patch test, where a very small amount of hair is removed from an inconspicuous area, performed 24 hours before your session, will help to determine which wax is best for your skin type. We have a selection of hot and warm waxes for use over the face and body that are suitable for a variety of complexions and sensitivities so¬†there’ll definitely be a mild product that will work with your temperamental skin to leave it feeling pampered, silky and smooth.

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