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How to wax stubborn underarm hairs

2 Min Read Tuesday 27th August 2019

Re-waxing over the same area can be uncomfortable for your client and result in bruising and redness. But what else can you do if your client has particularly stubborn growth that doesn’t seem to come away on the first pull of the waxing strip?

Here’s how to wax stubborn underarm hairs away on the first go:

Use a pre-wax powder. Prepping the skin with Sienna X Skin Guard encourages wax to shrink wrap around each hair. This spray-on product leaves a fine layer of oil on the surface of the underarms, creating a barrier between skin and hair, which promotes the flawless removal of even the stubbornest of growth in a single action. You can also use Soothing Oil for the same purpose.

Consider a hot wax. Hot waxes are designed to remove coarse hair, particularly on the face and intimate areas where thick, terminal hair grows. This peelable wax sets to the skin without becoming brittle and is perfect for using on smaller areas of the body.¬† It can prove useful to use this variety of wax on client’s with stubborn growth alongside a traditional warm wax.

Apply pressure. You must apply pressure to your wax strip to ensure 100% adherence if you’re using a warm wax. Take extra time to firmly smooth down each wax strip to guarantee that every coarse hair is caught within the wax and avoid a repeat application over the same area to catch any stragglers.

Allow the hair to grow longer. Coarse, stubborn armpit hairs will be harder to remove if they’re on the short side. If you have a regular client who has coarse underarm hairs, ask them to wait a few more days between treatments so they can grow to the optimum length before removal.

Switch directions.¬†The direction of armpit hair growth is not always easy to track — sometimes it can be swirly and different from patch to patch. Take each area slowly, following the growth pattern of the hair. If hairs remain after you’ve removed the wax, apply it again in the opposite direction to see if you can target them.

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