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How to use an eyebrow ruler

2 Min Read Tuesday 6th August 2019

Sometimes eyeballing it just isn’t enough to shape the perfect set of brows. Why not give your client the most accurate eyebrow shape ever by using an eyebrow ruler? It’s the ultimate tool to encourage eyebrow symmetry and it’ll give you a little helping hand, especially if you’re new to eyebrow waxing and want some extra support.

These convenient disposable eyebrow rulers are made of paper and come in packs of 50. They’re perfect for¬†ensuring the equal length, shape and placement of each brow so you can make them look as identical as possible.

Simply remove the sticker from the back paper and stick the ruler above the eyebrows on the forehead. Then you can mark the centre, tail end and arch of each brow with a pencil, peel the ruler off and get to work with grooming and reshaping.

Here’s how to use an eyebrow ruler in more detail:

  1. Once the ruler is properly aligned and fixed against the forehead you can use an eyebrow pencil to mark the centre of the brows (the middle of the gap).
  2. It’s natural for clients to have eyebrows that aren’t an equal distance apart from the centre so here’s where you can assess which brow starts closer to the middle. Then you can either remove the extra hairs on the longer brow or draw more hairs in with your eyebrow pencil on the shorter brow to equalise the distance. This simple trick instantly adds harmony and symmetry to the face. A smaller gap will slim down the appearance of the nose and a wider gap will create a softer, more youthful look. Here’s more on deciding how big of a gap to maintain between the brows.
  3. Use the ruler to mark the tail end of your client’s brows so you can finalise their overall length. Again you can wax some hairs off a longer brow or lengthen a shorter one with a few flicks of an eyebrow pencil.
  4. Finally, locate and mark each eyebrow’s arch and correct any imbalances.

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