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How much of a gap should there be between my eyebrows?

There’s no precise measurement for how much of a gap you should leave between your eyebrows because no two faces are the same (unless you’re identical twins!). But the general trick is to lay a thin pencil or lip brush against the side of your nose and see where it hits your brow — this marks the spot where the inner edge of your brow should begin.

Having said that, this tip won’t work for everyone. Some of us have wider noses and bigger nostrils so this technique would result in a huge gap whereas others have tiny, narrow noses that would warrant a very small gap; this is where you need to exercise your judgement and decide what you want to achieve.

The smaller the gap between your brows, the slimmer your nose will appear, especially if you apply a contour from the inner edge of your eyebrows down towards your nostrils. On the other hand, wider set brows draw attention to the nose and can make it look broader. A wider gap often creates more of a youthful and softer look that some people prefer over the structured finish of brows that are closer together. But bear it in mind that tweezing further back than the inner corner of your eyes can look unnatural and disrupt the balance of your features by making your eyes look further apart.

What’s the takeaway? If you want to go for a bigger gap take it slowly because you can’t undo it.

Once you’ve decided which look you want to go for use an eyebrow pencil to draw in some guide marks so you don’t over-pluck by accident. Begin tweezing in the centre and slowly move outwards so you can stop as you go along, step back from the mirror and decide if you want to go any wider.

Finally, blending concealer around the tops of your brows will neaten them up and create a structured finish that really makes them pop. A touch of concealer and highlighter applied underneath your brows will lift your arch and highlight your browbone too.