How to reduce the gap between my brows

2 Min Read Wednesday 26th February 2020

Unless you want to go for expensive microblading, painful tattooing or temporary lamination, there are two ways to reduce the gap between your brows — leave them to grow out or fill them in with a brow pencil.

Growing your eyebrows in can take longer than you might think. Years of over plucking and tweezing can often mean that your hairs might be slow to return, which is bad news if you’ve accidentally widened the gap between your brows and it’s negatively affected the balance of your face. Set down the tweezers and wait it out if you can! Here’s more on how much of a gap there should be between your brows.

Until those individual hairs grow back and naturally fill in the central gap, an eyebrow pencil can do wonders to restore balance and fill out sparse areas.

The Sienna X eyebrow pencil comes in a variety of shades and has a tapered tip, so you can draw in fine hairs, as well as a blunter edge to create a blockier finish. This gives you the choice of going for a natural look or a dramatic heavier-set shape whenever the mood strikes. Simply fill in missing hairs at the centre using gentle upward strokes and use the fixing serum at the other end of the pencil to set your new and improved shape in place.

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