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How to promote vegan waxing this Veganuary

2 Min Read Monday 13th January 2020

Stocked up on our 100% vegan warm wax? This is the perfect time to amp up the promo and attract new customers as people try going vegan for the month of Veganuary. Here’s how to jump on the ethical bandwagon and attract vegan-conscious consumers as well as non-vegans to your salon for vegan-friendly waxing:

Make a noise on social media and beyond

Post pics on Instagram, start Twitter conversations with vegan communities and follow vegan campaigns so you can talk about your vegan-friendly beauty treatments to a welcoming audience. Despite experiencing a surge in growth, the vegan community is often searching for new products that meet the ethical foundations of their lifestyle. Remember, this is your target market so take the time to shoot your shot — go to where your main consumers are (whether that be online, in healthy living stores or even veggie/vegan restaurants) to guarantee extra custom.

Create 100% vegan waxing packages

Our vegan warm wax is suitable for use on large areas like the legs and arms as well as smaller areas like the brows and face. Put together a money-saving vegan beauty package that combines face and body waxing to entice current clients to book in for a trial. Because even the staunchest vegan still loves a bargain!

Correct misgivings: vegan products don’t play second fiddle

Remind clients that going vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of their treatment. Sienna X vegan warm wax is just as effective as other traditional forms of body wax that include animal ingredients and derivatives. It’s a high viscosity product so it remains pliable, shrink-wraps around even the shortest of hairs and protects the skin. The only difference is that the ingredients are free from animal products!

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