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How to organise your tanning solutions

3 Min Read Monday 5th November 2018

Storing your salon tanning products well can increase their shelf life and make it easier to keep track of stock levels. Here are 4 tiny tips to organising your tan solutions that make a big difference:

1. Place solutions you use the most at the front

If you store your solutions in a cabinet or stock room try to put the concentrations that you use more regularly at the front. 

Keeping them on a visible display means you’ll be able to grab what you need and refill your spray gun quicker instead of rooting through an assorted mix of products. It’ll also help you to put things back faster without unsettling the entire stockpile.

2. Use sticky labels as date reminders

Always date your bottles correctly so you don’t forget when you opened them. A sticky label placed on the bottom of each product is useful, especially if you have lots of staff members ‚Äî it keeps everyone in the loop and avoids confusion about when a product was first opened. 

Permanent marker works well too but try to stick to scribbling dates on bottle caps or bases only to keep your solutions looking professional if they’re openly displayed in your treatment room or salon.

3. Pour unused product into its original bottle and wipe down

Any leftover solution should be poured straight from your spray gun pot into its original bottle instead of being decanted into an unlabeled container to avoid any confusion!

Also, because tanning solution contains colourless sugar, be sure to wipe down each bottle to remove any drips and prevent attracting pests that like sugar. Find out more of our tips on storing leftover solution.

4. Rotate stock and store your solution in a cool, dark place

Place new bottles of solution behind older ones to guarantee you use the opened ones first, as spray tan solution has a shelf life of around 1 year once opened. 

New and unopened bottles can be stored anywhere, even out on display in your salon, however, any opened solution is better off in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard, or even in the fridge if temperatures are up over the summer. Just remember to take it out of the fridge so it can get to room temperature before you use it!

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