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How to store leftover tanning solution

2 Min Read Friday 16th March 2018

Unopened bottles of tanning solution are best stored in a cool, dry place. However, once you break the seal on the bottle its shelf life decreases. So what should you do with leftover tanning solution to maximise it’s lifespan? Here are all the answers you’ve been looking for:

Can I pour tanning solution back into the bottle directly from my spray gun or cup?

Yes you can but be sure to pour it carefully back into the original bottle with the same percentage solution and replace the lid securely (the less air that gets to it the better). Be wary of decanting it into other bottles or tubs because it’s very easy to forget what’s inside without proper labelling. A Sienna X bottle is ideal because it’s fully labelled, clean and designed to protect the solution from spoilage.

Can I keep tanning solution in the spray gun receptacle overnight?

It’s unlikely that solution will spoil overnight. However, the lid on your cup/reservoir/beaker won’t be airtight, which means it could speed up the oxidation process and turn the solution green if left for a series of days.

Do I have to store leftover tanning solution in the fridge?

No you don’t. A cool, dark place, like a cupboard, is fine but you can pop it in the fridge in the warmer months if you want to. Simply remove it an hour or so before you plan on using it to bring it to room temperature so that your client isn’t sprayed with fridge-cold solution. Some mobile tanners like to keep their bottles of open solution in portable cool bags to maintain freshness.

Can I store open bottles of tanning solution in an outside storage space, like a garage?

Bear it in mind that tanning solution contains a colourless sugar that reacts with the air and browns the skin. Any form of sweet solution will attract pests so if you do plan on storing open bottles outside make sure they are well sealed and the exteriors have been wiped down.

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