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How to give faster spray tans

2 Min Read Friday 31st March 2017

Spray tanning established clients is super-quick but¬†it’s trickier to be as speedy with clients who are¬†newer to tanning.

Here are some ideas on how to give quicker tanning treatments to clients who need more guidance in the tanning booth:

  1. Save time in the treatment room by giving new clients the details of what will happen during their session when they make their initial booking.
  2. Better yet, use separate patch test appointments to give clients a thorough description of the treatment. Here you can talk at length about potential allergies, skin sensitivities, pre-tan prep and post-tan care.
  3. Create a generic email that outlines what you’ll be doing and send it to new clients in advance. Make it concise and simple so clients can get a gist of everything at a glance if they’ve forgotten what they need to do.
  4. Include an FAQs section in your email that covers common queries, such as what should I wear to my spray tan?; how long will my tan take to develop?; or should I shave or wax before my fake tan? Why not link to out to our FAQs blog too?
  5. Give your receptionist more of a key role by asking him/her to prep clients who are waiting for their turn.
  6. Recommend that clients arrive five minutes early so they can ask available therapists any questions and cover their concerns beforehand.
  7. Prep your equipment daily, double check for solution blockages in your spray gun and clean down as much as you can between treatments. Put everything back in the right place so you can start fresh with each new client.

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